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Warranty & Guarantee

What is warranty?

The warranty regulates rights and claims of the buyer against the seller. The guarantee claim on the new product distributed by us amounts to 24 months after delivery. The warranty period for used items is 12 months. The delivery date is decisive.

After the complaint has been lodged, a replacement or repair will usually take place as soon as the defect has been confirmed in our technical laboratory.

The verification of any warranty claims is free of charge within the scope of our customer service. Please understand, however, that we can not take over the resulting return costs.

To ensure that the warranty processing can run smoothly, please read our return information beforehand. This way you can avoid unnecessary costs and a faster processing of the process is possible.

Loss of warranty

In the case of mechanical damage, e.g. Breaks, cracks, dents, scratches, etc., or overvoltage damage, all warranty claims will lapse if they arise after delivery. Please also pay attention to our instructions on the topic of "return" to avoid damage during transport.

Examples of the loss of warranty:

  • Damaged circuit boards on hard disks and other mass storage devices
  • Screws that are too long damage the controller board when mounting hard disks. Apart from the fact that the warranty claims for such damages are extinguished, they can cause short circuits which lead to the destruction of the hard disk and other hardware components.
  • Mechanical damage to mass storage, mainboards, SIMMs, CPUs, etc.
  • Dents or bent corners, in particular on hard disks and other mass storage devices indicate an improper use. Mechanically damaged mainboards, CPUs, SIMMs or controllers, etc. are therefore not exchanged - the warranty is excluded in such a case.
  • Destroyed components and components due to incorrect power supply
  • The tracks on the components (board, mainboard, processors, etc.) indicate an improper connection of the corresponding components. Even in this case, the warranty is excluded.
  • Damaged or removed seals
  • Removing or damaging any warranties, bar codes, warnings or other labels attached to the product will void the warranty.
  • In any case, the following applies: Do not install the PC components yourself unless you are sure of them. Any of the defects described above will invalidate the warranty.


During the statutory warranty, some manufacturers offer warranties, the performance of which extends beyond and beyond the warranty.

Particularly in the case of particularly high-quality products, e.g. Digital cameras or monitors, this is often the case. The conditions here are usually much more favorable than with the legal warranty.

Please note:
Contact person is usually not the dealer, but the manufacturer. The processing is thus carried out directly via this. By processing directly via the manufacturer, it is possible to keep the processing time as low as possible. For further information, please refer to our complaints about complaints directly from the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers offer guarantees that extend beyond the statutory warranty period. Within the scope of a special service offer, we offer you to take over the handling of the case on your behalf.

Should you decide to send goods to our service department outside the statutory warranty, please note the following:

In this case, we will take over the settlement on behalf of you. In order to be able to represent your rights against the manufacturer, we need a written order. After expiration of the warranty period, SatKing is not entitled to assert the warranty without the authorization of the manufacturer. Our service department will provide you with the necessary information and documents for processing the case after receipt of the goods by fax or by post.

When dealing with corresponding cases after the expiry of the warranty period, we will incur considerable costs. This is due in part to high transport costs as a result of the manufacturers' often foreign service centers, and on the other hand, the increased administrative costs. Therefore we are unfortunately compelled to charge an extra cost of 20 Euro. In addition you would like to ask you to send the goods freely. Fees, which may be charged by the manufacturer service, must be passed on to you.

Please also note our General Terms and Conditions, which are also valid.

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