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Return in general

In order for us to be able to process your returns quickly and easily, we would like to ask you to observe the following notes when returning the goods:

  1. Please return the goods in the original packaging with all accessories and all packaging components back to us. Please also use a protective outer packaging, so that the goods are protected against damage in transit.
  2. Please enclose a copy of the invoice. If you no longer have the invoice, feel free to contact our service hotline.
  3. Please enter the return reason on the return slip and attach it to the package. Download here: Return letter. If there is no service slip or insufficient information is given, there may be delays in processing. Please describe the error in your product as well as possible.
  4. You bear the immediate costs of returning the goods. In individual cases, we reserve the right to exempt you from the above-mentioned cost bearing obligations. If the goods can not be returned by post, the costs of the return are those of the delivery of a maximum of 49 euros (Germany) and a maximum of 150 euros (abroad), if the collection is carried out by us. If the goods can be sent back by post, the costs of the return will be the same as those of the delivery amounting to a maximum of 14.90 euros (Germany) if the return shipment is made by a parcel stamp provided by us (Germany). You generally have to bear the costs for postable returns from abroad yourself. You only have to pay for any loss in value of the goods if this loss of value is due to a handling that is not necessary for you to check the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. Please note that we can not accept non-free packages for logistical reasons.

Please note that the above instructions for a quick and uncomplicated returns processing are not a prerequisite for the effective exercise of the right of withdrawal.

When do you deduct the purchase price?

If the device is not returned in the original packaging and the condition in which it left our house, there is an impairment. We hope you are satisfied with your purchase and that you will enjoy it for a long time. However, if this is not the case, please read the following lines to ensure your full right of withdrawal.

Within the revocation period, you can test the device like this. Please handle the goods like a loaner. Your device has all the features to test it right away. Please keep the original packaging well and open it carefully. Please do not tear or cut or label or stick the packaging of the goods. Please do not change the hardware, software and operating system!

If the device is not returned in the original packaging and in the condition in which it left our house, there is an impairment.

Typical impairment reasons are z. B .:

Scratch / impurity

  • deteriorated optical condition of the goods (scratches, dirt, stickers)

Torn packaging

  • Loss / damage to the original packaging

  • Unsealing of supplied software packaging

  • Enclosed instructions are labeled or filled out

  • Original packaging is labeled or pasted

System changes

  • Registration / activation of software licenses or manufacturer's warranties

  • Configuration changes (hard disk formatting, operating system change, etc.)

In such cases we can not refund you the full purchase price. We will of course examine each case individually.

Service counter in Troisdorf

A special service for our local customers: After purchasing our stores, you have five working days to cancel your purchase. You will receive a credit to your account and can use it to buy another product. Please note:

  • The invoice or the receipt must be available

  • The goods must be in their original packaging and as new

  • Daily price-dependent goods can only be returned after consultation with the service department

  • The right of return excludes: Ci modules, smart cards, software, DVDs & games, PDAs, printers, scanners, monitors, telephones.

Otherwise applies: In individual cases decides the service department. In case of doubt, please inform yourself before purchasing, whether the goods can be taken back under certain circumstances.

Of course, you can use the service counter also occurring claims within the warranty period.

Note: On request, we will always inform you about the current status of your complaint. In this case, please enter your mobile number.


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Manufacturer Direct Service

In addition to the processing through our service department, the manufacturer direct service is a good alternative in case of complaints. Your advantages:

  • Time savings through direct route
  • Partial on-site service
  • Frequently, replacement devices are offered

This is how it works:

From all manufacturers that offer a direct service, you can choose from an alphabetical list or the selection of a product category of the manufacturer. All information necessary for the smooth running of your complaint and the service address of the manufacturer are now displayed. The link "to the return form" will take you to a form which you must fill out, print out and attach to your return.

Click here for the manufacturer direct service

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