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Inverto Black Pro Monoblock 4.3° Single LNB...
The Inverto Monoblock Single LNB is suitable for receiving the satellites Astra 19.2° and Astra 23.5° with just one satellite antenna (80 cm diameter recommended) and the connection of a satellite receiver. Technical Info - 40mm Feed...
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Inverto Black Monoblock...
Specially designed for the European DTH markets, this monoblock LNB enables dual satellite reception from orbital positions 13 and 16 via a single 80 cm offset satellite antenna with F/D = 0.6. The LNB receives satellite broadcasts with...
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Inverto Black Monoblock IDLB-QUDM22-MNOO3 Quad...
2 satellites with 3 ° distance to a receiver. stable 0.2 dB noise figure, low power consumption. Inverto (one of the most renowned LNB manufacturers ever) has succeeded in creating an absolute high-performance product with the new BLACK...
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Inverto Black Monoblock IDLB-TWNM22-MNOO3 Twin...
2 satellites with 3 ° distance on a Receiver. stable 0.2 dB drunkenness measure, low power consumption. Inverto (one of the most famous manufacturers LNB generally) has succeeded with the new series BLACK Mono by the choice of...
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Inverto Black Monoblock IDLB-SINM25-DOPO4...
This monoblock LNB was specially designed for dual reception of the Eutelsat satellites Eurobird at 9° and Hotbird at 13° East. Originally developed for the Italian market, this LNB is also suitable for receiving (with an 80cm antenna)...
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