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Spaun SMS 5806 NF Premium 5/8 Compact Multiswitch

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  • MULSPA035
The Spaun SMS 5806 NF is a compact multi-switch from the Spaun Premium class. The SMS 5806 NF has... more
The Spaun SMS 5806 NF is a compact multi-switch from the Spaun Premium class. The SMS 5806 NF has five inputs (4x SAT / 1x terr.) And eight outputs for satellite receivers.

Product features
Short circuit proof, integrated and energy saving switching power supply
Mains connection: 100-240 V / 47-63 Hz
Standby function
Quattro and Quad LNB suitable (adjustable via selector switch)
A level control (0 -12 dB) in the forward channel allows you to adjust the input signal
ground terminal

Another big plus of the Spaun SMS 5806 NF multi-switch is the standby function which reduces power consumption:
If none of the connected SAT receivers is active, the operating voltage for the LNB supply and the UB of the SAT IF amplifier are switched off.

Thanks to a new concept in terrestrial broadcasting, the premium series multiswitches now feature a return channel for interactive applications (triple play) and also offer a BK-compatible forward path with an InGaP push-pull output stage.

The new amplifier trains in the SAT IF stage guarantee the user very high output levels. Depending on the device type, the max. Output level according to EN 60728-3 (35 dB IMA3) between 102 and 108 dBµV!
There is one synchronous controller in the input for the low and high band. The input signal can thus be attenuated in the range of 0-12 dB.

Premium class
Active Terrestrial (Push Pull) and Passive Return (Triple Play)
High output level in the SAT ZF range
Level control for SAT and terrestrial
Energy-saving switching power supply
Standby function
LNB selector switch

Technical specifications:
Inputs: 5
SAT / Terrestrial: 4/1
Outputs / subscribers: 8
Terminal attenuation Terr. Passive 5-65 MHz: 16-19 dB +/- 1dB
Port gain Terr. Active 85-862 MHz: 10-12 dB +/- 1dB
Connection gain SAT-IF 950-2200 MHz: 5.5-12 dB +/- 1dB
Output level max. 85-862 MHz 60 dB IMA / En 60728-3: 93 dBµV
Output level max. 950-2200 MHz 35 dB IMA / EN 60728-3: 108 dBµV
SAT / Terr:> 45 dB
Terr / SAT:> 40 dB
Switching isolation:> 35 dB
Receiver / Receiver:> 36 dB / VHF,> 32 dB / UHF,> 35 dB / SAT
Mains connection: 100 240 Volt / 47 63 Hz
Power consumption Terr. Active / SAT active + LNB: max 19.5 Watt
Power consumption SAT standby: max 6 watts
LNB total remote supply current: 350 mA
Ambient temperature: -20 + 50 ° C
Dimensions 26.0 x 13.0 x 5.6 cm (W x H x D)
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