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Selfsat SNIPE 2 Air SE Single Fully Automatic Satellite Camping Antenna

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  • ANTSEL005
Thanks to its compact design, the Snipe takes up little space - ideal for mounting on the roof of... more
Thanks to its compact design, the Snipe takes up little space - ideal for mounting on the roof of a motorhome. The annoying alignment at a new location is also eliminated. Thanks to the integrated GPS module and electronically controlled drive, the antenna aligns itself automatically at the push of a button. You will receive your usual desired program even when traveling, provided that the respective satellite can be reached.

Despite its small dimensions, Snipe offers a good reception result. The three-layer antenna structure with waveguide horn array function largely prevents diffuse reflection of the satellite signal. Horizontal and vertically polarized signals are separated from each other and bundled to the LNB. The result: high signal strength at the LNB.

This antenna model is equipped with digital converters that allow you to receive satellite programs directly on smartphones, tablets, or notebooks. Up to 8 participants
can receive different programs independently of each other. The wifi range of the antenna is approx. 80 m with a clear view.

- Receive The Desired Program On The Way: automatic alignment to the desired satellite at the push of a button
- Tedious Antenna Alignment is No Longer Necessary
- 9 Satellites Installed
- Automatic Adjustment of Elevation, Azimuth, and Skew by Antenna Drive
- Practical for Motorhomes: ultra-flat construction
- Suitable for a Permanent Replacement
- Waterproof Construction
- 8x Wireless Reception on The End Device via WLAN

Technical Info:
- Gain: 33.7 dBi at 12.7 GHz
- Min. EIRP: 50 dBw
- LNB output: 1 legacy 8 WLAN
- LNB input frequency: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
- LNB output frequency: 950 ~ 2.150 MHz
- Search speed: 20-30°/s
- Satellite search time: max. 180s
- Supply voltage: 12-24 V DC
- Power consumption: 70 W (in operation)
- Ambient temperature: -20 to +60°C
- Elevation: automatic, 15-90°
- Azimuth: automatic, 360°
- Skew: automatic, -60° to +60°
- Special features: ultra-flat, 9 satellites installed
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 540 x 180 x 357 mm
- Weight: 12.5 kg
- WLAN IEEE 802.11 AC compatible

1x Fully Automatic Satellite Antenna Snipe
1x Remote Control
1x Antenna Cable 7 m
1x Cigarette Lighter Adapter
1x Adapter
1x Instruction Manual
1x Transport Bag
1x Assembly Material
Typ: Camping/Caravan, Flachantenne
Farbe: Weiss
Multifeed: Nein
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