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Digital Devices DD Max M4 Multi Tuner TV Card DVB-S / S2 PCI Express Card

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  • TVDVBS017
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The Digital Devices Max M4 is a multituner TV card. It has the options of digital reception for... more
The Digital Devices Max M4 is a multituner TV card. It has the options of digital reception for satellite (DVB-S / S2/ISDB-S), cable (DVB-C / C2/ISDB-C/J.83 Annex B) or terrestrial (DVB-T / T2 / ISDB -T).

A 4-way multi-band tuner HD TV card - tuner card for the PCIe slot for the following types of reception:
DVB-S (satellite tuner)
DVB-S2 (satellite tuner)
ISDB-S (Satellite Tuner)
DVB-C (cable tuner)
DVB-C2 (cable tuner)
ISDB-C (cable tuner)
J.83 Annex B (cable tuner)
DVB-T (terrestrial tuner)
DVB-T2 (Terrestrial Tuner)
ISDB-T (Terrestrial Tuner)

The reception of SD to Ultra HD modulated channels on the provider's transponders is no problem for the M4. Due to the low power consumption of ~7 watts, the card works very economically. The Max M4 multituner card comes in full profile format (full height) with a corresponding slot bracket.

The choice of reception type happens dynamically. The Max M4 has four individually working front ends, depending on what is required of the card, it automatically switches to a free cable, satellite or terrestrial tuner, so there is no need to reprogram the type of reception during operation for changing conditions. A DVB-C or DVB-T2 connection can be used for bad weather alternatives in the event of disturbed satellite reception in order to maintain ongoing operation.

Receive channels from different sources, such as satellite and terrestrial, without investing in different reception systems. If not only satellite but also cable TV is to be received at the place of use (e.g. for local stations), this is now easily possible with the Max M4.

For operation on a satellite system, with conventional star cabling you need a line to the Max M4 for each DVB-S tuner used, so the card can be used with full DiSEqC capability. It can also be used on Unicable I (EN50494) and Unicable II/JESS (EN50607) systems without any problems. To supply the individual SAT tuners, the SAT inputs on the card are connected to the Unicable system using a Unicable splitter.

Only one cable from the socket or antenna is required for operation on a cable connection or terrestrial antenna. The signal is distributed internally to the tuners so that no splitter or similar is required.

In the field of data analysis, you now receive the data from a single source from different reception methods, e.g. advertising analysis, time delay, data rate of the individual transmissions. The dynamic switching of the required type of reception also offers advantages here, since a change is possible immediately.

The card's hardware design enables smooth 24/7 operation, both in professional and home use. Thanks to the use of high-quality components, such as ceramic capacitors and the absence of environmentally hazardous substances, the Max M4 ensures a long service life even with permanent use of the hardware.

The Digital Devices Max M4 can be expanded with an Octopus Single-CI or Octopus Twin-CI card via an additional PCIe and, of course, other connected Flex-CI modules from Digital Devices can also be used.

Drivers for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8(.1) as well as Windows 10 and Linux.
*1 Unicable® requirement: Unicable®/ SCR / CENELEC EN50494 compliant LNB or multiswitch according to EN50494
*2 JESS ®requirement: Jess®/ CENELEC EN50607 compliant LNB or multiswitch according to EN50607

Technical specifications:
Satellite characteristics
Up to 46 Msymbols DVB-S2, QPSK, 8PSK
LNB Power: 4 * max. 19V, 1A pulse current, 500mA continuous current Overcurrent protection Short-circuit protection
L Band: 950MHz to 2150MHz
DVB FEC: (Auto Spectral Detection)
Modulation: QPSK/8PSK
Full DiSeqC 2.X support

DVB-C features
Frequency range: 51-858MHz
All modulation and code types according to DVB-C specification
Symbol rates from 0.87 to 6.9 Mbaud
Sensitivity: 47dbµV (64QAM), 47dbµV (256QAM)

DVB-C2 features
16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096QAM
2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10 code rates
1/64 and 1/128 guard intervals
8MHz and 6MHz channel bandwidths
Data slice types 1 & 2 supported
Data slice width up to 7.61MHz
Stream processor for automatic common-PLP
and data-PLP combination
- FEC header type
Robust mode
High efficiency mode
notch support
Narrowband and broadband notches
Reception of narrow channels down to 2 MHz between broadband notches
Time interleaving modes 4, 8 symbols and best fit

DVB-T/T2 features
Frequency range: 49-861MHz, 2k&8k OFDM
All modulation types according to DVB-T and DVB-T2 specification
Sensitivity: -83.0dBm at 16-QAM&3/4

ISDB-T characteristics
Conforms to ARIB STD-B31
6MHz,7MHz and 8MHz BW support
Excellent phase noise resistance
Excellent multipath equalization performance
Automatic detection of mode/guard interval lengths
EWS (Emergency Warning System) flag output

standard connections
PCI Express
L-band input connector (supports any needed
gte power supply to the LNB)
IEC socket (input)
1 X 20 pin Data connection for differential connection of the data cable (LVDS) to the OctopusNET backward compatible with the classic transmission method with 80 MBit

Unicable Compliant:
SCR / Cenelec EN 50494 (Unicable®)

environmental standards
RoHS compliance
WEEE EN 99353762

Power consumption typical
DVB-T2: 8.6 watts (worst case -80dBm QAM256 7/8)
DVB-C: 7 watts
Note: active cooling required, passive cooling is not sufficient

Supported Operating Systems
Linux (from kernel 2.6.34)
Microsoft Windows® XP (SP3)
Microsoft Windows® Vista
Microsoft Windows® 7 (32/64 bit)
(incl. Windows® Media Center)
Microsoft Windows® 8 (32/64 bit)
(incl. Windows® Media Center)
Microsoft Windows® 10 (32/64-bit)

System Requirements
Dual Core Intel® or AMD® CPU
a free PCIe slot (x1 to x16)

H 104mm, L111mm, D 15mm

Scope of delivery:
MAX M4 PCI Express Card (Full Height)
Slot bracket full height (pre-assembled)
Quick Installation Guide
Manual (online)
driver (online)
Software DD-TV (online)
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